All I want to say are the only words with any meaning
And I feel this way even though there's some who feel nothing at all
But we're not like that, and you know and you know we got our reasons.
Never been like that, cuz there ain't no safety where they sink and so
Don't let them shake you up so easy
They'll never shake us off so easy
All I want to say are the only words with any meaning
And I'll be that way till the light goes out
So familiar with the abstract
Ever out of reach and the pattern of it all
From the colors and the cast-outs
To the unknown, I could never turn it off
I kept up with the verses in my head
Running right along beside them all day
At some point, well I found myself wondering
If I was even running or just
running away.

I want to live an honest life
I want to make myself right
for whatever's gonna come
I see no purpose in avoiding
The struggle inside like it isn't going on
Some say that you're probably better off
So ignore it anytime that you can
But how it is we'd be better off for it, really
I don't understand
I won't ever understand

The don’t speak
They don’t speak for me

These days am I running
Or running away?



In light of day, we made a move through the rest
Of darkness that had lost its will to deflect
A fight that we had won so easily back
When things were getting old 

And when this happened I was weighed, I was worn
Out of some malleable pose I had sworn
To never end up in again. As it turns out now
I know that I was wrong

Still I see more

And in the fog of what's been had and rehashed
There lying still like some appeal in my path
Whatever's left, it's yours to take. Have it back.
My place was right here all along

But if you ever feel an urge to reflect
Or even notice any light that's been shed
I know you'd probably rather wait there instead
And hope for how it was before

Still I see more

Spread out your losses, part of the process
Really it's okay, really it's okay
Spread out your losses part of the process
I'll be on your side, I'll be on your side




The day I left my past behind me at the gate
I ended up in such an unfamiliar place
And what I saw of the mess they made
So many lines, not a word to say
I couldn't turn it off
So I had to turn away

I never wanted their jilted version of the truth
And everything they fought for, they wanted me to fight for too
Here's what I said to the ones I faced:
If you're coming in, then there's a price to pay
You can take it up, but you can't take it away

I see the whites of their eyes through the cracks of my
Fence and I wonder how long it'll take
For them to gather up whatever nerve they got
We'll be the wall they hit, lay them to waste



You got your big idea
I got my big idea
And anyone who wants to stay can stay
If they can find a reason

Your line around the corner
My line is turning over
And I don't need to see the light of day
To feel it on my shoulder
And all of my ins are on the outside
And I want you all to notice because I have no will to hide 

With only dark around me
So cold I couldn't ever
Manage to see the curtains draw their weight
Around me like a sweater
And hold all my memories of shelter
Beside me like a furnace, either way I choose to turn 

And leave me out, so long, I doubt I'm ever gonna be  
So picked apart and practiced at the art of never changing
And it's all so much, the weight, the words, to resonate
I finally have I finally have, alright already
So much for the rest




I know, I know the weight below
Making you cautious
Pulling you aside
Pulling everything inside of you
Out in the, out in the open
And I wanted to be
Areason to keep the light on
Or maybe incentive
A peaceful impression to keep going

Should I, should I reflect
Or try moving about it?
Cuz I don't wanna pause
Though I never was immune
To imagine how it could be different
Part of me knows
If I just let it go I'd be alright
The other was hoping
For some sort of reason to keep trying

But wait a minute
Give us your patience
Consider us all once in a while
And the weight that we left behind
We're all better off without it
And it ain't even worth our time
So I ain't gonna worry about it
As long as we're still here



I'm over it, I’m over it, I’m over it
Even in my apartment
With the noise of the freeway
And I feel so separate
Yet I feel no shame

I'm over it, I’m over it, I’m over it
All they tell me is progress
I don't want any part of
And I feel no remorse
No, I feel no shame

Found it, and it's all
Just as we thought it should be
Waited up forever
Or what seemed like it to me
And I have no remorse
For the way that I am anymore
No I feel no shame
If you want you could just look away



Far off from that shady past, ascending up those stairs
I finally heard a voice of reason that I hadn't heard in years
Despite your efforts to convince me
that there wasn't nothing there
I finally faced my intuition after all

But I remember waking up and walking
through that snow with you
My mind was almost static in all that winter cold
And for the sake of preservation, 
I pretended not to notice that
My interests played no part in your design

But we're not so different you and I.
You got your reasons for avoiding your demons
And I know I got mine

So watch out for those predators, they got fear inside their hearts
They're sure to spot you from a distance
And tear your flesh apart, and then get angry
Cuz you're tracking all your blood across their floor
Well, we don't need those contradictions anymore

We're not so different you and I
You got your reasons for avoiding your demons
And I know I got mine



I see whites in the eyes of the lawless
creeping in through the cracks of my fence
I wanna shake them off, I'm gonna pay them their dues
Cuz after me, they're coming after you

But I don't know if I can wait 'til then
Where I'm at, I'm gonna be until the end
And with a little unrest, they're sure to turn around and go
Because they don't believe what they pretend to know

And the ones who relate
Are the ones who will take it up

I got a life in the breeze and the branches
Shake the leaves to make a presence known
Well, it's a curious path to be had by a few
But it's enough for me if it's enough for you

And the ones who relate
Are the ones who will take it up

Ante up, won't you ante up
Come and lay your future in this earth and mud
Ante up, won't you ante up
Leave it all behind and stay for good



Through the flurry I saw trouble come
Then the smoke that rose like signals
Telling me something was off
So you can wait around however long
It takes to see so for yourself       
Or gather what you want and come along

Because a pause is the only time it takes
For them to get a jump on us
So if you're staying in, you best be braced
But if you're coming out then let's just go

But I can see an opening from here
And the sound of so many voices
Making the rest disappear
And everything that came before this
Serves no purpose, let's get one thing straight:
Our past is in the ashes, are we clear? 

Where we were there was no cause
Worthy of a sacrifice
I tell you that there's still hope now
But it was never there
So here we go…..



These ravines were
Here before us
So make your case from
On your patio
We'll be thorough
In ignoring it all
And it makes no difference
What you say
Cuz we never listen
And we're sure to be
Safe as always
From your patio calls.

And it's ours
To explore how we want to explore
There's a reason we're out here
But you have no use
So go back to wherever
You came from before
And remember your manners
Cuz someday we're sure to be...

Ashes, ashes
Everyone and
Whatever's left is
Better off in the
World without us,
Here to squander it all

So it makes no difference
What you say to us
We don't even
Take you serious.
Safe as always
From your patio calls

And it's ours
To relate how we want to relate
There's a reason we're in it but you
Have no use
So go back to whatever
You were doing before you
Decided to speak
And remember your manners
Or we'll overshadow you all



Do the right thing, do the right thing
Do it all the time, do it all the time
Make yourself right, nevermind them
Don't you know you're not the only one suffering

I see you up again wandering so diligently
Crossing your t's as though it weren't irrelevant
They say formality, this is what they really meant:
They can be the walk and we can be the pavement

Do the right thing, do the right thing
Do it all the time, do it all the time
Make yourself right, nevermind them
Don't you know you're not the only one suffering

So what you're up against all the disingenuous
They wave you along and say there's always room for us
But we know better than that to take them serious
Still don't let them make you bitter in the process

And when the light is up, this is how ought to be:
We'll make it alright, they'll come around eventually
They say it's nothing but that ain't the reality
They may take us on but they can never take us easy

Cuz they ain't moving, they're just moving around
So if you love yourself, you better get out now

Do the right thing, do the right thing
Do it all the time, do it all the time
Make yourself right, nevermind them
Don't you know you're not the only one suffering