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About All the Sounds of Summer: 

Part 2 in a two part song series about feeling depressed, all the sounds of summer are calling you to leave your own negative thought patterns and go out into the world. Maybe those sounds are crows squawking, children playing, or a man with a Sarah Palin tattoo screaming at random people at a bus stop about fly-fishing. Whatever it is, put on your pants, open your front door, and walk out into that thing. – Tim Perry


Please god, give me just a little bit of strength

To roll myself out of this bed

And I promise not to worry about the time that it takes

Or doubt myself instead

Out in the world, you know, I feel as if I’m naked

Overthinking everything I say before I say it

I don’t wanna make it worse, but that’s what I’m afraid of

And I really wanna go outside

And I feel my feet beneath me

The door behind my back

And all the sounds of summer

Calling me from where they’re at

No, don’t it seem so easy

When your guard is always down

Yeah don’t it seem so easy,

Well it isn’t that easy now

I know it’s all in focus

Somewhere I haven’t been

But I haven’t even got the slightest

Clue where to begin

I’d say it all so plainly

If the words were on my tongue

But what’s the use in talking

When you’re far from everyone

And nothing’s left but awkwardness

I’d will myself to leave somehow

I want it to be easy

But it isn’t that easy now