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Days getting longer,

I see more on Going Street

They don’t walk for fun,

They just got somewhere They’d rather be

And I don’t know my left from right

I don’t know which way to fight

But I know it’s bound to catch me if I never try

Silver turn to twilight,

And my door is opened up

I used to think if I could just fake them out

It might be enough

But now I’m here for you to see

Every crack inside of me

Though, I hope it all ends up the way it ought to be

Cuz I don’t know my day from night

I don’t know if I’m alright

But I want to be

Now almost easy,

I can feel the ground beneath me

Finally settling down

Hear this voice of reason

In the background coming forward

Until it’s more to me than just another sound

Oooh, you ought to know

The door’s wide open

Oooh, you can come in

I’m hiding nothing

I walk the pavement underneath the light of day

I no longer think if I could just hide my thoughts

They might go away

And here I am for you to read

Every page inside of me

And I hope it all ends up the way it ought to be

Cuz I don’t know my day from night

I don’t know if I’m alright

But I want to be

And I hope it all ends up the way it ought to be…

About Day From Night:

I wrote this song during my last few days living in a fairly shitty rental home off Going Street in Portland. It being summer, the days were very hot and the only way to keep from roasting inside was to keep the windows open, day and night. There was an orange cat named George who ruled the neighborhood. He used to walk into a bar down the street called Tiga and hang out with my drunk friends. Some nights after closing time, George would swing by my place and hop in through an open window to sleep it off on my couch. Rents rose and Tiga left, but the cat kept coming and going as he pleased.

 A neighbor told me once “The last person who lived in your place died there.” I asked her to stop talking. “His corpse was in there for five days before anyone realized,” she told me. “He died in the bedroom,” she told me. I used to think about that every so often, as I lay in that room awake, wondering where he went.

Going Street was a bike and pedestrian thoroughfare. During the summer days, the noises of people chugging along to their destinations would seep into my open windows - the steady pulse of their footsteps as they walked along the pavement, the rhythmic crashing of their handlebars over the speed bumps on the road, the small snippets of conversations swirling in and out as they passed. These were the noises I heard as I prepared to move, putting my life in boxes and trying to visualize my foggy future. These are the noises that inspired this song during my last few days on Going Street, surrounded by the sounds of people on their paths at a time where mine was uncertain. - Tim Perry


Summer always seems to come on like a drug, this impending nervous excitement with an undercurrent of apprehension. I feel like we all lose ourselves a bit in the summertime, our interior lives are clouded by the rush of activity, our minds slow a bit with the heat, and a sort of a euphoric confusion sets in where you're sort of happily step into the unknown. I think Tim captured all that nicely in the lyrics to this one. While we were building this track up, we did our best to drive the feeling home with the swirly psychedelic guitars and keyboards. To balance all that dreaminess, we kept the rhythm section centered around this simple loop-y (but not a loop) beat, so the whole thing feels like you've got you're lost in a daydream but your feet keep steadily moving you along towards somewhere. - Rob Oberdorfer